Perhaps Email is Not The Best Medium?


And thank you for your email!

Unfortunately, due to my current workload and the complex nature of your email content, I am afraid that I am unable to effectively engage with you in a one-on-one email conversation. I would submit that a face-to-face or phone conversation might be both more effective, and a more efficient use of both of our time.

Perhaps give me a jingle at your next most convenient time? The best way to reach me is during normal work hours using my office line listed in my signature block below.

Similarly, I’m just as happy to call you as well. Simply let me know a few times that you are free and I will give you a call.

I really appreciate your understanding in this regard.


The message above is a canned response provided to you in an effort to help both of us save time, avoid unnecessary and less fruitful email activities, and execute more high leverage activities while we are at work. Feel free to copy this canned response or use this link to respond to others:

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