How to Survive the War College Using Google Docs

How to organize yourself and technology to make any school experience the most enjoyable and painless experience possible If you’re looking for a way to organize (and supercharge) your school research, writing, and note-taking skills/tools using Google Docs, you’re in the right place. When I arrived at the Naval War College I knew I wanted […]

What Are Your Success Support Systems?

Are your productivity tools and habits propelling you toward success, or are you defaulting to mediocrity? How much deliberate effort have you put into selecting the tools and developing the habits that determine the quality and outcomes of your life?  Do you have success support systems, and are they optimized?  In Atomic Habits, James Clear […]

Do you make your to-do lists too hard?

Use this simple note-taking technique to leave your future self best equipped to take action.  Do you repeatedly hose your future self?  Or do you consistently tee up future you for success?  Unfortunately, it’s usually one or the other. Either we are regularly and deliberately thoughtful in our actions towards our future self, or go […]

How This Simple Productivity Tool Saved My Wedding Day

We were getting married in Hawaii—half a world away—in less than two days. We were also ten minutes from the airport and on a trajectory to completely blow through our final check-in window, and ultimately, miss our flight. It was not supposed to be going down like this. In fact, I spent the last six […]

The #1 Rule to Reach Inbox Zero: Embrace the Archive

If you use more than one folder to manually file away all your emails, not only will you never reach inbox zero, but email will always be a challenge and your mind will never be clear. If you’re interested in clearing your mind and your inbox, check out the video below, or simply continue reading. […]

How to Batch Process Email and Manage Co-Worker Expectations

Which do you think is more productive? This will be the simplest how to you’ll read today. I’m also not going to explain why you should be batch processing email (or batch-processing any other low-value, low-payoff tasks). If you need an explanation, see above. Or, check out either of these two articles (the second one also […]