Blogs are stupid

Okay, that’s not really what I meant.  I guess what I meant was, the word blog sounds stupid.  It always has — to me, at least.  And since this is my webpage (fine… BLOG), my opinion is currently all that matters.   Also, I think I may be starting off on the wrong foot, as the overtones in those first couple sentences could certainly be perceived as negative.

Let’s try this again.

All I really wanted to convey is my disdain for the word blog, and why I will never consider or call myself a blogger — no matter how many posts end up parked in this little corner of the interwebs. The purpose of this little word repository on the web will be threefold, and because bullet-ized lists are the new black, let’s do the numbers:

1.  A place to capture and organize all my thoughts on efficiency, organization, and organizational efficiency (commonly referred to in the blogosphere as “hacks”).  [Also, I hate the word blogosphere even more than the word blog.]

2.  A place to capture and organize all of the best high and low tech tools and personal techniques (i.e. mine) available to bring simplicity and order to this otherwise chaotic, always-switched-on world in which we find ourselves living and working.

3.  A place to park all the rest of my thoughts.

And that’s really it.  Now that I’ve completed my first post and the pressure’s off, let’s get on with it.  Shall we?

Thanks for joining me, let’s see where this thing goes.

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