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Hi! My name’s Josh Evilsizor and I am a tech-savvy solutions architect, knowledge management expert, and processes-driven change agent. As both a civilian executive and field grade officer in the U.S. military, I have built high-performance teams with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, collaboration, coaching, and continuous improvement. As an army aviator, pilot-in-command, and air mission commander with over 1,500 flight hours (250+ combat) and four overseas tours, I bring an unprecedented level of precision and rigor to any endeavor I lead. 

During the day, I am blessed to serve as the Chief Productivity Officer and in-house technologist, strategist, and planner at Atlas Advisors, doing what I enjoy the absolute most—helping remove friction and redundancies by systematizing and organizing the chaos of a rapidly growing organization. My most recent accomplishments include the implementation of a 100% remote workforce, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Getting Things Done (“GTD”) methodology, a new human resources information system, and numerous culture-shaping initiatives across the organization. 

On the weekend I serve as the Rear Detachment Officer-in-Charge of the 1-137th Aviation Regiment. Previously I was dual-hatted, serving as the Operations Officer (Operations Director) for both the 73rd Troop Command (one of six Ohio Army National Guard brigades) and FEMA Region V’s Homeland Response Force. I was hand-selected for this role after returning from a two-year active duty tour at U.S. Army Europe headquarters as the lead planner for two of the largest military exercises since the Cold War.

In my free time, I work on my passion project: helping people establish the habits and tools (trusted systems) necessary to organize themselves digitally and physically to excel in a frenetic world that is now 100% reliant on internet technology. I help people reflect on how they engage with technology in order to be both efficient and effective, personally, and professionally. I have had the opportunity to speak on these topics to audiences at GE, the U.S. Army, and Atlas Advisors. I also regularly share my bite-sized ideas on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When time permits, I publish longer-form content here on joshevilsizor.com.

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    1. Thanks Barbera. Certainly there’ll be more posts, but the about me section probably won’t change much — unless you have some recommendations for something else that you’d like me to include. Cheers, Josh.

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