About Me

I am a productivity and efficiency obsessed technophile. I have been life hacking before life hacking became a household word. From my vantage point, everything can and should be optimized. Life is too short not to.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that I am always on, ruthlessly analyzing and optimizing everything that I physically do each day – personally and professionally. This optimization comes largely from simple, common sense, procedural changes (aka hacks) to my daily battle rhythm or routine. The final piece to all this sometimes includes the mindful employment of just the right amount of technology. This approach applies to all facets of my life – work, home, health, travel, etc.

Why should you care about any of this?

Every single one of these techniques that I outline on this site first saved my life, then became a springboard for my success. Each has been carefully honed and pressure tested over two decades as a triple-career civilian, soldier, and aviator. They work for me and they can work for you too – that’s why I’m sharing them here.

I also thoroughly enjoy coaching others in personal productivity (time/email/task management, etc.). If getting Evilsized interests you, click the email button up top so we can see how I can help reduce, optimize, enhance, or eliminate the physical and digital chaos in your life.

Or, just follow me on Twitter where I publish daily tips for self optimization.

Thanks for stopping by and happy optimizing!

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    1. Thanks Barbera. Certainly there’ll be more posts, but the about me section probably won’t change much — unless you have some recommendations for something else that you’d like me to include. Cheers, Josh.

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